Best Research Topics in History

History is an exciting subject that has to do with the concept of space and time. History helps in analyzing the time and place an event took place. This knowledge, in turn, helps in knowing the cultural context and the causes of the incident in history. 

Therefore, choose a history topic for your research work. You need to understand the period and location you are willing to work with. It might be due to your personal preference, or maybe you are interested as a result of a past narration of the occurrence. 

You must learn to ignore any of your previous ideas on the topic when you order a history research paper or a term paper at This information may be the ones you have read about or watch in a movie. 

You must ensure you study the real historical event and compare it with the ones narrated in a book or movie. This knowledge helps you identify the similarities and differences in the two presentations.

However, your chosen research topic in history should not exceed a history of 100 years maximum. It helps you to present facts and appealing pictures to your readers. You are most likely to understand an event that happened in your human life span and write research work on it. 

Suggested Best Research Topics in History

The following are compiled samples of the best topics a history student can research to help you achieve a good grade in your history research paper.

  • The industrial revolution in any country of your choice or the world 
  • Martin Luther King’s speech: Its effects on Americans
  • The French Revolution: Advent of democracy in France 
  • The building of American society and the American Revolution 
  • The causes,  consequences, and effects of the Vietnam war
  • The rise and the fall of the Weimar Republic 
  • The 21st-century American foreign policy 
  • The cold war: Its causes and effects on the world
  • The role of the battle of Hastings in the history of England 
  • The similarities and the differences between the Crusades and the Jihads
  • Abolition of slavery: The process and its effects on the world
  • Communism: The system and its influences on the world
  • The British colonial system in India
  • The history of African countries independence 
  • The Holy Roman Empire
  • The Hippie culture and its vast impact on societies 
  • The Middle ages monasteries and education 
  • The economic wonder of Japan: Its chances of being repeated 
  • The rise of the People’s Republic of China 
  • The golden age of pirates and the Caribbean
  • Ancient Egypt and its most prominent Queens
  • Comparison between the Roman Empire and ancient Greece 
  • The differences between ancient Sparta and other cities
  • The Renaissance period and its trading routes
  • The colonization of America
  • Sports games in ancient times 
  • Pope and his political power in the middle age
  • The propaganda history: Ancient time and the modern day’s comparison
  • Work War I and the changes in the economies of Europe
  • The causes and the consequences of the sexual revolution 


Writing a research paper in history can be more accessible when your topic is known. It ensures a smooth and high-grade work. Your subject must be the one you have an in-depth knowledge about, and you can choose any of the above topics to your advantage. 

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