Business Research Paper Topics

As a student, there are lots of areas of business you can research for your paper. Your research can be sales to market shares. Business research deals with carrying out a detailed study of any business areas.

Business related research can be on different things. Your research should, however, be targeted at helping people and organizations to grow a successful business.

There are a few factors to consider when choosing your topic. Here are five branches of business and topics you can pick from.

Five Branches of Business Topics

1. Business Law

This area of business is concerned with the law that governs what happens with business matters. It is also known as commercial law.

Topics on Business law

  • Effects of alcohol consumption and sale laws on the public wellbeing
  • How marijuana-based businesses interact with Federal and State Law?
  • What type of corporate crimes warrant the death penalty?
  • Bankruptcy Fraud: Legal identification procedures
  • How do you define authority before you start business negotiations?

2. Business Administration

This business area deals with the organization of business personnel and resources to achieve goals and objectives.

Topics on Business Administration

  • How wages and salaries affect employees’ productivity
  • The impact of advertisements on consumer behavior
  • The intricacies of managing crises in the workplace
  • What are leadership strategies and inter-organizational networks?
  • Effective time management as a means for organizational survival

3. Business Ethics

Business ethics is the implementation of appropriate business practices and policies. This area covers several controversial subjects.

Topics on Business Ethics

  • What are the reasons for unethical conduct in workplaces?
  • How ethical mistakes can cause business bankruptcy
  • Assuming responsibility for the corporate ethics of a company
  • Ethical issues in managing a corporation
  • What business ethics apply to both the manager and the personnel?

4. International Business

This kind of business covers all the business activities that involve the import and export of goods and services, resources, ideas, people, technologies, etc. across nations.

Topics on International Business

  • Growing small local businesses into globally recognized international brands
  • The effect of conflict between countries on businesses
  • What languages are likely to dominate international business setting in the future?
  • The importance of social media presence for international business
  • How has entrepreneurship and ICT influenced small-sized businesses?

5. Business Communication

This area is concerned with the sharing of relevant information between business personnel in an organization or between business owners and their customers.

Topics on Business Communication

  • Does business communication attract customer’s actions?
  • Exploring different mediums and processes for business communication
  • The impact of interactive online communication on the public
  • Is modern business communication mindful of the differences in technology in the global environment?
  • The effectiveness of active listening for business communication


Selecting a topic for your business research paper can be from a wide range of categories. Your topic should be from an area you are good at. However, the most important thing is for your topic to attract your reader’s attention as soon as they see it. Always remember to avoid complexity.

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