Top Topic Ideas for Research Papers

Selecting a topic for your research paper is one of the most challenging parts of the writing process. Without it, there is no start since you can’t work in a vacuum. There are several things to consider when choosing a topic, and this article makes the process easier. We will take you through some considerations to make and top it up with topic ideas in various fields.

Things to consider when choosing a topic

Start With Your Interests

One of the best ways to select a topic for your research work is to look at something that interests you. However, it shouldn’t be one of these random and easy topics, just because you want to finish early. To begin the process, list every topic you are interested in down and then assess their potentials in terms of research materials and available time at hand.

Availability of sources and materials

Before settling on a topic, you should see to it that there are enough resources to complete the project. No matter how interesting your topic is, if you fail to get enough information to back your stance, it will result in nothing. Therefore, it is advisable to conduct in-depth research (online and offline) into all the potential topics and choose one with enough resources.

Attributes of a Good Research Paper Topic

Something trending

It is always good to pick something trendy but unexplored or partially exhausted subjects and research. Such research attracts attention, and you are able to contribute to your academic field if done correctly.


The relevance of a topic is important when it comes to research paper writing. No one will care about reading research on something with no economic, social, or academic importance.

Research topic ideas


  • Using medicinal marijuana, pros and cons
  • Should pharmaceutical companies be allowed to advertise prescription drugs?
  • Pros and cons of vaccines on kids
  • Effects of obesity on health

Research Paper Topics on Education

  • Does high-level education increase one’s earnings?
  • Must education be subsidized?
  • How to reduce bullying in schools
  • Can modern technology improve teaching?


Topics on Environment

  • Adapting policies to reduce global warming
  • Is GMO the future of food security?
  • The human contribution to environmental degradation
  • Is nuclear energy safe for humans?

Topics on Entertainment and Sport

  • Effects of social media on the youth
  • Do social media activities affect one’s self-esteem?
  • How violent video games affect the psychology of kids

Topics on Psychology

  • Is stress harmful?
  • Dealing with a mental breakdown
  • Do bad dreams cause mood swings, and how?

Topics on Science and Technologies

  • The future of artificial intelligence and computing
  • Can renewable energy totally replace fossil fuels?
  • Using light to treat cancer and other diseases

Topics on Culture

  • When did racial discrimination start?
  • Influence on pop culture on the youth
  • How commercials and advertisements influence modern art

Topics on Math

  • Do algorithms control our life choices?
  • Do math formulas apply in real life?
  • Should every student study math?
  • Contributions of math to the world

Topics on Business

  • How to start a business without money
  • How family business develop into a global giant
  • How to promote a start-up business
  • How to build a successful business empire

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